Adult therapy

Psychotherapy can be short-term or long-term, depending on your needs.

I see people for a few sessions to deal with immediate issues or for longer periods to explore deep-seated problems. During an initial assessment we will explore whether short-term or long-term work is most appropriate for the issues you want to address. However, whether brief or long, therapy invariably aims to bring a sense of relief.

Psychotherapy is not about the therapist giving advice but, through getting to know you, helping you work out how you might want things to be different and to create that change.

For me, therapy is a space in which to have a new experience of oneself.

Initial meeting and further sessions

The relationship between client and therapist is understood to be fundamental to change and therefore a prerequisite for any therapeutic work. As such, an initial consultation is an opportunity for us to meet, to talk about you and what has brought you to consider therapy, and to decide whether we can work together. If we decide that our working together would be helpful for you, the first part of our work will focus on identifying what you would like to change and I will explain how I can help you.

•    I offer fifty minutes sessions, weekly or fortnightly
•    Sessions take place at the same time each week (or every two weeks)
•    I work face-to-face

It is important that you choose the right therapist to journey with you. For this reason, if you feel that I am not best placed to help you (or your child), I will do my very best to make suggestions as to what might be of use to you.

When does therapy end?

There is no rule. Usually, the decision to end is one that’s initiated by the client (when they feel the goals of therapy have been met) and mutually agreed upon by client and therapist, after a period of discussion. It is helpful when coming to the end of therapy to start spacing out sessions so as to allow the client time for the transition.


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