'Habit is habit and not to be flung out of the window by any man,

but coaxed downstairs a step at a time'

Marc Twain

My approach

A personalized approach

Each person is unique so I do not have one approach for everyone. I offer an integrative therapeutic approach, meaning that I draw from a range of theoretical frameworks. My work includes aspects of psychodynamic, humanistic and systemic therapies. I also use elements of cognitive behavioural therapy. My aim is to find out what is most helpful to you and your own particular difficulties and circumstances.

I offer a safe, reflective and confidential space in which you can explore and express your concerns, thoughts and emotions. Whatever your difficulties, therapy is a joint project; we work together to think about and understand your difficulties, enabling you to reach the right choices and solutions. You can go at your own pace, sharing your concerns however large or small they seem to you. Some people’s worry might be a relationship problem or a personal loss. For others it is decisions about the future or regrets from the past. Other people have a general sense of unhappiness, or of not being able to cope.

The first steps in therapy can seem daunting or scary but in my experience, people find the reality is a great relief. Talking in confidence in a non-judgemental environment, to someone outside your social and family circle, and being listened to, can make a real difference. Although everyone proceeds at their own pace, clients often make progress from the first few sessions onwards.

I truly believe in people’s ability to change their lives for the better, and this belief underlies my work.

As part of my commitment to personal and professional development I regularly undertake further training and attend workshops, seminars and conferences. I work in accordance with the Psychological Code of Ethics and Conduct (Code de déontologie des psychologues, 2012) and attend regular clinical supervision sessions.


Psychologist and therapist Toulouse - Saint-Lys, Fontenilles, Léguevin, Fonsorbes, Rieumes, L'Isle Jourdain, Samatan, Pibrac.