Parent-infant work

Are you expecting a baby and anxious about being a good parent? Do you find bonding with your newborn baby difficult? Are you struggling to cope with your new role?

There is no uneasiness, nor shame to have if, during your pregnancy or after the birth of your baby, things don’t turn out well or start to go wrong. I offer therapeutic consultations to any parent that feels they could do with a bit more support during this challenging period. 

Becoming a parent is a life-changing and profound experience and nobody prepares us to parenthood, the most difficult job of all. While for many women pregnancy and motherhood are times of joy and emotional well-being, this is not true for every woman. The transition to parenthood ushers in many life changes and adjustments, as well as new patterns, responsibilities and routines.

The myriad and significant changes brought on by pregnancy can leave a woman feeling more vulnerable. Both parents may experience during this time distressing or overwhelming emotions, mood swings, depression, stress, negative thoughts, fear... They may feel ambivalent or anxious about becoming a parent. Likewise, the arrival of a baby inevitably impacts every aspect of one’s life which can be profoundly unsettling: the birth may have been difficult or traumatic, baby might have arrived early, parents may be worried about their child’s development, find themselves unable to read or meet his needs, sleepless nights may generate stress in the couple.

It can be hard to make space for a third person in a relationship, and single parents may find it difficult to manage the transition alone. Sometimes new parents feel depressed, lost, scared and such troubling feelings prevent them feeling good with their child.

At such times, talking with a professional can be both helpful and supportive. A few sessions is often all that is needed. However, sometimes, parents may benefit from longer-term therapeutic work.

Adjusting to this period of transition is hard for all of us and I empathise with the parents who come in to my care, and would never judge them or jump to conclusions. My role is to help parenthood become an easier and more enjoyable experience and one in which both you and your baby thrives.


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