Like you, perhaps, I left my country at various times throughout my life, sometimes for years at a time. This experience, which can confront us to homesickness, to the “unknown”, together with my work with clients from different cultures, made me alive to the question of expatriation, and to the impact it can have on each member of the family or on family dynamics.

I offer consultations in English to anyone who feels more at ease in this language – children, young people and adults. In my work, I give great importance to supporting families. Parenting is demanding and challenging, often difficult. As a parent, you may feel worried, distressed or helpless at times, struggling to adapt to your child growing or to understand his needs, and such difficulties may be worsened when we live in a country, a culture that is not our own.

On a daily basis, it can be hard sometimes to be far away from our extended family and social circle and many issues that we could cope with when living at home become more pressing in a new environment. Moving abroad inevitably disrupts the family’s bearings and children can find it hard to cope with the losses that a move entails, and they may experience difficult emotions (sadness, anger, stress, fear...).

Seeing a therapist for a few sessions in this period of transition and adaptation can help you work through the emotional stresses and challenges that can arise when we arrive in a new country. At such times, talking to a professional in your mother tongue, a professional who understands the unique needs of the expatriate family, can be both helpful and supportive.



Psychologist and therapist Toulouse - Saint-Lys, Fontenilles, Léguevin, Fonsorbes, Rieumes, L'Isle Jourdain, Samatan, Pibrac.